I. Commission Computation

1 Affiliate Commission Computation (Monthly Settlement)

Tiers Total Earnings of the Company (CNY) Minimum number of active members requirement Percentage of Commission
1 1 - 30000 3 35.00%
2 30001 - 50000 5 40.00%
3 50001 - 100000 10 45.00%
4 100001 - 200000 20 50.00%
5 200001 - 12000000 50 55.00%

II. Cycle of Computation of the Commision and Withdrawal Date

A natural month serves as a cycle for the calculation of earnings for the affiliate, which means it starts from the first and last day of the month. The computation of the commission of the affiliate will be done before the 10th of the month, and the affiliate can apply to withdraw the commission after the 10th of the month. The commission will be transferred automatically to the withdrawal account after 3 working days.

III. Commission Settlement Requirement

1. Fulfills the requirement of at least three valid members for the month

2. Profit of the account reaches 500 CNY and above

3. The name of the payee must be the same as the registered name.

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